Friday, July 13, 2012

Lost Sketches

Moving recently has once again forced me into cleaning. I found a box that I had almost left behind in the hall closet. I had it in my car for over a week before I decided to go through it. It was full of notebooks from one of my early semesters at the University of Central Florida. As much as I like to throw things away to de-clutter my life I am always forced to pour over old notebooks. You see, it is not the information that I read, I am scouring for lost sketches. Bits of inspiration lost between notes that no longer serve me. Over time, the random images that feed my creativity become the most valuable part.

So I sit in the drive way of my new abode and flip through aging paper slowly. I usually find something interesting. This time I got very lucky.

I actually remember drawing this one during a long break between classes. I was flipping through a magazine and used an ad for hair products as inspiration. I had also fallen in love with Pre-Raphaelite art around the same time and she reminds me of the work of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, particularly when painting one of his muses Jane Morris. Most paintings of her emphasize her romantic regal bearing and her stunning, wavy hair. 

This sketch was done in the same sitting as the one above but from a different source of inspiration. As I continued to flip through the magazine I found a striking image from one of the high fashion ads. I remember that the model had vibrant red hair with strong, black smokey eyes. The original image was very dramatic and arresting. I wanted to recreate that with my own hands. 

This image is actually on a scrap piece of paper and much smaller than the other two. I almost missed it between the pages of my old notebook. With such powerful expression of form and movement I must have been looking at one of my art history books and focused on a piece of sculpture. 

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