Tuesday, March 20, 2012


A pair of trees in a shopping plaza spike and curve up towards the oncoming dusk.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


As I have grown into photography I noticed that I like taking photos of people in all variations of moods. I also noticed that in becoming more of a photographer people began taking less photos of me. I realized that most of the photos I have taken of myself are on the Photo Booth app on my computer. So I decided to turn my inquisitive nature on myself and share some of the photos I have taken of myself over the past five years.

One of the very first photos I had taken using Photo Booth. 
Me: "Mom, let me show you how this works"
Mom: "Where do I look?"

I ended up using this photo as a jumping off point for one of my art projects in college. I was upset because at the time a dear friend of mine was in the hospital battling cancer. I was using the art project as a way to work through some of my fears. I had worn the ring to my grandfather's funeral a year earlier. I took hope in the symbolism of the bird being a carrier of souls to the heavens. Thankfully, my friend made a full recovery. 

I've always liked this photo because of the way it emphasized my green eyes. The color seems endless because the reflection from the window in front of me lightens my pupils. 

I generally gravitate towards blue and green colors. At this particular apartment I was living at I had painted two of the walls teal and my bed sheets were dark blue. I don't wear a lot of pink except for this one sweater that I own. I found it so comforting and I just wanted to be surrounded by it. 

I took this photo of myself shortly after my dog passed away. Her life and death had a profound impact on me and I never wanted to forget how much I loved her. 

This photo was taken during my printmaking class. For the majority of college I was making digital art for my Graphic Design classes. During my last semester I took a printmaking class and I forgot how much fun it was using my bare hands to make art. Even though I constantly got splinters from carving the wood and the black ink would stain my skin for weeks I refused to wear gloves. I proudly displayed my hands like a badge of honor. 

Coming home from a DRIP show covered in paint. 

I was upset one day but I don't remember why. I think when the camera is pointed at you your immediate response is to either smile or look away. I chose to do neither and be completely honest with myself and my emotions at the time. 

I loved the warmth and light that filled my room that day. 

Fresh out of the shower. 

I was all dressed up and ready to go Swing Dancing. I decided to take a photo of myself because I usually don't wear much makeup; let alone eye shadow. I took a bunch of pretty photos but I always liked this one best. 

My crazy hair in all of its untamed glory. 

And then there was the day I rescued a turtle in my apartment complex. 

Simple and sexy. 

Returning home from the Indian Holi Festival absolutely covered in pigment powder. 

This is me getting all dressed up to see Daniel, one of my coworkers, perform in the Orlando Ballet. I love this dress because it makes me feel like I stepped out of the 1940's - classic and glamourous. I went to the Ballet with my friend Matt who showed up in his work clothes from Starbucks and an accidental cut on his face from shaving. We were quite the odd couple that day and I wished we had gotten a picture of the both of us together. 

Me stilling in front of the computer eating an apple slice. Sometimes I like to make fun of myself. 

Me sitting in front of the sliding glass door of my apartment.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Sacred Space

My aunt got me a candle for Christmas. It was one of those candles that burn a small votive at the bottom which heats a bar of scented wax at the top. I had it in my apartment for a while before I got around to using it. I loved the way it lit the room so I decided to turn off all the lights and really let it glow.

It reminded me of some ancient Mayan artifact. In the flickering light the candle seemed to accumulate age the same way a storm gathers clouds. 

Simple cut out shapes echo large carved forms still lost in some foreign jungle. The meaning almost lost but the beauty never diminished. 

The candle's curved arch become a warm embrace in this sacred space. One single flame shelters us from the dark.