Monday, October 22, 2012

Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot with DRIP

I have been a part of DRIP since 2008. I have been lucky enough to see this amazing show grow from backyard rehearsals to designing a full length production on International Drive. As we approach our Grand Opening I would like to share a look back on our first photo shoot for our permanent show.

Mariko and photographer Tisse Mallon guide one of the band members through his head shots. 

I love this shot and the bursts of light that highlight Tisse's frame as she photographs the drummer. 

Mariko and Tisse getting some shots of our teal salt in motion. 

David, our musical director, amidst some of the prop construction. 

This beautiful blend of colors was the result of mixing two different color bags of salt. 

Kelly and Steven, two dancers working together to create a dynamic pose while balancing on ropes suspended above the salt. 

The colors melt and fuse in patches - the delightfully squishy result of mixing the materials over and over again for the photos. 

Kelly getting ready to pose with the props. 

Creating these photos is such a labor intensive process. But you never forget when you show someone the finished product and all they can do is gasp. 

Watching the show is breath-taking, being able to help create it is nothing less than magic. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Magenta Spears

I was sitting outside at a local restaurant called The Greek Corner waiting for my order. Caught between fidgeting to find a good spot in the shade and eavesdropping in the group of three in front of me. I sipped my drink as the older woman with long grey hair talked about a relative that passed away while she flicked the ash from her cigarette into the ash tray.

I turned my attention to the plants around me. Seating at The Greek Corner in primarily outside and their patio is lavishly adored with a kaleidoscope of blooming plants. One in particular caught my eye.

This lovely flower sprouted into magenta spears. Resembling a weapon rather than a delicate flower it burst towards the sky against the smooth leaves and even lines of the fence. A striking display of color and texture.