Friday, January 17, 2014

Sun-Soaked Obelisk

On my way to Starbucks I happened to glance up at the church across the street. At 7:30 in the morning  the sun was beginning to rise above the tree line and was casting the most beautiful beam of light on the church steeple.

It reminded me of those dramatic pictures of obelisks in Egypt. Nothing but sky, stone and man trying to bridge the gap. The creamy sunlight caught by the monolith finds its way back down to earth. I wait for it to reach me as I stand on the corner on this unusually cold Florida morning. Wrapped up in my jacket, I let this sunrise take me to another time and place. My morning awakens with a daydream. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jon Carlo

I met my friend Jon at Starbucks. He worked at another Starbucks location and picked up a few shifts at our store. We hit it off right away, instinctively knowing how to tease and joke with each other. We were fast friends but his need to move on to new things lead him away from the coffee shop.

However, we still remained close and I enjoyed hanging out with him. One day he invited be over to his new place to do some creative brain storming. We picked up a pack of Yuengling and talked about how he wanted to set up his studio. We discussed models and ideas for upcoming photos shoots. Later his brother and partner arrived and we called out for pizza.

It was one of the best times I have had hanging out with friends. We filled each others minds with silly conversations and the creative energy. The small, impromptu gathering which started in the afternoon rolled on into the evening.

It was towards the end of the night that I was struck by the mannequin against the wall wrapped up in jade cellophane. It was still covered from the recent move but to me it looked like the rough draft of a beautiful dress. I wanted to get a photograph of it but I couldn't help but include Jon.

I love the way the photo captures his cool demeanor and intense eyes that always seem to be reflecting inward on some creative inspiration. I was lucky to get this shot - he never stays still for long.