Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

I went home to visit family in Tampa for Easter and I was fortunate enough to get several breathtaking photographs.

Normally it is preferred to have an unobstructed sunset, however, many layers and textures of clouds can create a beautifully dramatic sunset. 

William and my two sisters at dusk.

A dock under the clouds in the very last moments of daylight. 

My sister Jenny lives in an above garage apartment near downtown St.Petersburg. Her landlady keeps a stunning garden. Hidden towards the back is an old broken ceramic hand featuring the defining areas of palmistry. 

A lovely speckled plant. 

Ethereal plumbago peak up through the foliage. 

This delicate trumpet flower elegantly shifts to a gorgeous pink hue. 

An close up view of a trumpet flower reveals an interior design that resembles a star fish. 

My sister took us for a bike ride around The Pier. The Pier was an aquarium and unique tourist destination for many years. I remember taking field trips there as a child. In recent years The Pier has become abandoned. There have been plans for development in the works for years, however The Pier remains closed and largely untouched. The surrounding area is still available for pedestrians to walk around and the docks behind The Pier are still open. A brown pelican waits patiently for scraps as a group of people fish. 

A small neighborhood park was covered in plants shedding hundreds of fuchsia petals. I wanted to capture the light from the setting sun as is fell into the park. I didn't realize until later that some of the glare from the sun matched the striking color of the flowers. 

The little brown pelican that patiently waits for my sister to return home. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Steel Sheen

Walking through downtown Orlando I couldn't help but notice this gorgeous reflection. 

One building perfectly mirrored in the other. The slight wave of the glass created a ripple that reminded me of a calm ocean surface. The electric blues create a dazzling mosaic of beauty where it was never meant to be. The two buildings exist separately but become sensational as they reflect each other.