Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feet: Part 4

The beauty of looking down.

This photo was taken during a tour of my friend Matt's apartment. I was climbing down from the attic when I took this photo. The view extends into Matt's bedroom looking at the piano he received as a gift and a chair that had previously been in the attic.

Cool blue toes in the jade pool at Wekiva Springs. 

Sitting on the dock at my aunt and uncle's house at Thanksgiving. 

At some point I was taking out the trash at my apartment when I looked down and noticed how colorful my feet were compared to the dead fall leaves on the ground. It my have been cool outside but my feet were still in summer. 

Ankle deep in some delightfully messy DRIP photo shoot materials. Coincidentally, my toenail polish happen to match the dye we were using. 

These feet actually belong to my friend Freddy. He swears by his toe shoes and wears them all the time. He is usually in the wilderness off on some adventure, but on this particular occasion we were shopping downtown for a Christmas gift for a friend. After we left the store I remarked at how funny his feet looked. I love the juxtaposition of his shoes, still covered in burs, on the pavement of downtown Orlando. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DRIP Backstage (2009-2011)

I got involved with DRIP during their 2008 show WET at the Orlando International Fringe Festival. I feel in love instantly and have been honored to be part of the company for so long. With a new permanent show on the horizon I went back through my photos and picked my favorite backstage shots from the past few years.

Our musical director David with videographer Josh after one of our performances at Blank Space in Downtown Orlando 2009. 


Samantha performing in the water box piece at Blank Space in 2009. 

Creative engineer Evan at our Winter Fundraiser in 2009 with ice from one of our installations. 

Performers Darci and Nikki applying makeup in our warehouse. Shortly after we moved our supplies into the warehouse we began rehearsing for our FRESH show. Being the creative people that we are; we set up a mirror in the bathroom and doodled over it with a dry erase marker. I got a kick out of watching the girls applying makeup between all the art work. 

Darci rehearsing for our FRESH show in 2010. 

Evan constructing some of the FRESH set in the workshop.

Performers Ashka and TinTin waiting outside during FRESH in 2010. They were covered in dirt for one of our installations but had to wait outside the backdoor at one point during the show. It was cold outside so I brought them a towel. They were excellent sports and remained in good spirits until their cue. 

David refilling ice for our fountain in our white room during FRESH. 

Performer Michael after a FRESH show. 

Micheal, Darci, and Steven at out Rock Out With Your Cocktails Out fundraiser in 2010. As part of the fundraiser patrons could participate in a live human body paint by number. 

Creative engineer Ben working on one of our installations for a private performance at the Isleworth Country Club in 2011.

Looking back over the years I can't believe how much working with DRIP has influenced my life. I feel much more in tune with my own creativity and the arts community of Orlando. I can't wait to experience all of the new adventures that our next show will bring.