Friday, July 18, 2014

Lowry Park Zoo

Lowry Park Zoo is a wonderful zoo located in Tampa. I always have a fantastic time and one of my favorite places to take photos is within the free-flight aviary located just inside the entrance. 

A pair of Pied Imperial Pigeons from Southeast Asia.

A Sun Bittern from Central and South America showing off its beautifully patterned feathers.

A breeding pair of Red Legged Seriemas from Brazil with their two chicks. 

A young Orangutan munching on some leafs. 

An adolescent Orangutan joins the younger one who was eating. I was able to capture this dynamic pose of the older one reaching for the Orangutan below. 

One of my favorite animals from the zoo - a Yellow-Footed Rock Wallaby. Just adorable!

The incredible thing about the Wallaby's was that they were held in an enclosure that the guests could walk through. You were able to be inches away from them as long as you did not touch them. The enclosure also had two attendants standing by the entrance and exit. Apparently the Wallaby's were a little too curious about the rest of the zoo. 

An Alligator Snapping Turtle. 

A resting Pine Snake. 

A Bald Eagle framed beautifully by the branches of the tree. 

A decorative bust in the Asian Gardens.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


At the end of March one of my coworkers had a stray cat take up refuge in her backyard and gave birth to three kittens. I took one of the males and named him Kobi. He has proven to be a lively and wonderful addition to the family. 

The terrible "First Bath".

Completely wiped out after his first visit to the vets office. 

Learning to snuggle. 

I was surprised how quickly my ten year old male Jet had adapted to the newcomer. 

Both kitties sharing the bed while listening to the curious noises of my boyfriend brushing his teeth. 

He loves to perch on the cat scratching post. 

All curled up on a warm pile of laundry.