Thursday, July 26, 2012


My new place is surrounded by Lubber Grasshoppers. Although they can seen exotic and intimidating I take comfort in their presence. Grasshoppers are a Chinese symbol of luck and abundance, suggesting that you will move forward by taking leaps of faith.

This one was climbing over my window just after it had finished raining. 

My roommate has a large paper lantern on our patio. One night we were outside playing with the dogs and I noticed this one. He was almost four inches long and his solid mass was carefully balance on the thin wood frame. His back legs were tucked in place under this body which meant that he was in for the night.  

The following day this slightly smaller grasshopper was climbing his way up to the paper lantern. With such stunning color and endless texture they are an interesting combination of elaborately decorated and highly armored. 

I caught this one peeking up at me from his sun bathing spot on one of the backyard plants. 

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