Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July With A View

Myra invited me to her friends house to watch the fireworks this year. Little did I know that her friend happened to live on the 30th floor of the Aspire, one of the high rise apartments in downtown Orlando. His balcony had a perfect view of the lake.

Lake Eola right before dusk. The Orlando Orchestra was warming up to perform in the amphitheater. 

The view from his back patio overlooked the highest rooftop pool in the city and the gorgeous view that comes with it.

A sparkling explosion over the glittering cityscape. 

This one reminded me of a Palm Tree.

Crackling as it fell back down toward the lake.

Another firework over the city. That pale orange orb in the sky to the right is the full moon slowly climbing up to meet the night. 

I love this one. I caught a firework in full bloom, its reflection over the lake, and the moon all in one shot.

Overlooking the city facing the South. If you look closely you can see the crowd filing the streets on the way back to their cars. 

A clear view of the city with the fountain lit up in red, white and blue. 

I love the way the moon lit up the surrounding clouds. 

One last look at the pool with the city shimmering behind it. 

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  1. AWESOME pics! You got them at the perfect POW. ;)