Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The River

My uncle has some property in Dunnellon, Florida where we occasionally go camping. His house borders the Withlacoochee River and it is brimming with wildlife and beautiful scenery. He has no direct neighbors and you can't see the road from the house. It is easy to forget that the modern world exists beyond the trees. Ever since I can remember we have always collectively referred to the area as "The River".

While here as a child I spent most of my time on the dock. Being on that small patch of wood over the water was like standing on the edge of the unknown. 

The early afternoon sun shining through the trees. 

The neighboring house next door. It looks like it has been abandoned since the 1960's. 

I went exploring in the abandoned house with my siblings and cousins. It was like being on a episode of "Life After People". The long forgotten clothing in the closets was the only thing not covered by a think layer of dirt and leaves. I did like this view of the ceiling. It had collapsed after years of neglect to reveal the robust greenery slowly consuming it inch by inch. 

The sun and its reflection meeting at dusk. 

My brother Jonathan and cousin Andy fishing off the dock. 

My sister Jennifer talking with her boyfriend after her college graduation. 

A view of the creamy evening sky melting into the landscape. 

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