Sunday, November 4, 2012


I was at the Blue Bird Bake Shop yet again to grab another delicious cupcake. As I was sitting on one of the lush stuffed chairs my eyes moved around the room. There is a lot to take in: the painting on the wall, the little blue bird statues lining the shelves, and the modest holiday display in the center of the room.

For me, the most striking part of the room was the area where the legs of the table meet the floor.

Although the bake shop is only a few years old the building it is housed in dates back much earlier. The dainty hexagon pattern is old and most likely the original flooring. It was probably white at one time but has mellowed into a soft cream color. The shiny blue legs of the metal table strike down to the floor in smooth, bold lines. They break up the delicate ceramic honeycomb. Modern gloss upon weathered tile.

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