Monday, January 17, 2011

The Road to Greater Things

I was driving up to Atlanta on my first DRIP business trip with Jen and Mariko. I had been up early that morning so I spent most of the ride up sleeping in the back seat. The combination of being a light sleeper and being excited about the trip only allowed me to sleep in spurts. Most of the scenery was forests or flat pastures, but at one point I woke up to a large cityscape.

"What city is this?" I asked sleepily
"Welcome to Jacksonville!" Mariko replied cheerfully

I looked out the window at the rolling landscape of twisted highways, concrete, and glass. The heavy fog from the rain hung thick in the air.  I've never been to Jacksonville before. I sat up and tried to take in everything I could from the car. The architecture, the streets, the overall look of the city. My eyes darting back and forth as we zip across the interstate.

We move on to Atlanta and leave Jacksonville behind. My eyes start to get heavy again. I pull my jacket up over me like a blanket and snuggle back into the seat. I listen to Jen and Mariko discuss upcoming DRIP business. I think about us taking this big step forward to expand our horizons and teach classes in Atlanta. New roads, new cities, new adventures. These women make me feel like driving eight hours in the rain is just one more path on the road to success.

I watch the trees and the rain droplets move across my window like a shower of shooting stars. I can't wait to see what Atlanta holds for us.

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