Sunday, June 18, 2017

The St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art

Museums tend to be some of my favorite places on Earth. I'll walk through absorbing as much as I can take in. Here are some of the highlights from a trip to my favorite museum from my hometown.

Seated Buddha Sakyamuni from the Gandhara region in India.

Shiva as the Lord of Dance.

Egyptian finger amulet.

White-ground lekythos with mourners at a tomb. I loved the simple beauty of her elegant, out-stretched arm.

Roman coins with depictions of Julius Caesar (7) and Caligula (9). I love objects like these: simple, everyday items that were not intended as works of art. Both from famous Roman Emperors. One loved, one hated. 

A close up of a vase by Tokuda Yasokichi III.

Mayan death mask depicting the sun god.

Michtlantecuhtli, god of death.

 Above Us.

The Undefeated by Fletcher Martin. I'm not a sports fan nor am I a huge fan of this particular style of painting. But I loved the perspective, dynamic angles, and striking composition.

A close up of Village Girl -  Lily Cow by Robert Henri. I loved the vibrant colors and bold brush strokes. 

A close up of a detail in the painting Adoration of the Christ Child by Mary and Joseph by The Master of The Greenville Tondo. 

A close up of Portrait of a Lady by Michiel Van Mierevelt. I was blown away by the smoothness of the paint and the seamless blending. The painstaking detail in the lace and the lack of color that draws the focus back to the sitters lovely complexion.

A detail of Jupiter and Callisto attributed to Angelica Kauffman. I loved the expressive hands and flowing rivers of fabric.

A close up of Still Life with Lemons, Grapes, and Plums by William Duffield. I adored the attention to detail and texture. 

A detail of a Steuben vase.

La Source by Albert Carrier-Belleuse.

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