Thursday, December 15, 2016

Feet: Part 10

I took this picture in a parking garage in downtown Orlando. My intention was to photograph the number of the parking spot in case I forgot where my car was located. I didn't realize until later that I captured my feet as well as my shadow. 

My typical weekend view: The mop closet at DRIP. 

Back in the parking garage on my way to see my friend Daniel perform in the Orlando Ballet as Dracula.

Dipping my feet in the Pacific for the first time at Oceanside, California. I stood still long enough to have the sand leave trails on the way back to the sea. 

The water was cold, refreshing, and contained numerous golden flecks. 

My feet swathed in seaweed at the Pendleton Base Camp. 

Another type of seaweed floating about at Pendleton. 

Taking a break from training at my new job in the lobby at the main office in downtown Orlando.

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