Monday, May 25, 2015

Oficina Brennand

While traveling in Brazil, William decided to take me to the Oficina Brennand, a massive ceramic workshop by renowned Brazilian artist Francisco Brennand. In 1971 the artist inherited the old Sao Joao da Varzea brickworks, founded by his father in 1917, and began turning it into a monumental sculpture garden. 

Walking up to the ceramic workshops. 

The Templo Central, a stunning and almost ancient looking temple area covered from the ground up in an astonishing multitude of earthy brown tiles.

A donkey grazing by one of the outermost sculptures on the edge of the Brazilian rain forest.  

A view of the Salao de Esculturas, a sculpture hall featuring work from Francisco Brennand. 

A tiny plant bursting through a piece of pottery. 

The bamboo garden. 

I spotted a tiny, beautifully patterned snail stuck to leaf high in a tree.

Lovely blooming trees with clusters of golden flowers on the edge of the property. 

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