Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sunset Over Colonial Drive

My best friend Matt came up to Orlando to have dinner with me. We decided to walk across the street to get sushi at Bikkuri. We had a wonderful dinner and on our way back I was stunned by the beautiful colors of Colonial Drive at sunset. 

I love the gradients of blue dusted with wisps of clouds and the crescent moon that hangs in the middle. The vibrant reds and oranges of the busy street match the warm glow of the street lamp that hangs over the road like a radiant fire fly. I am so glad I was able to capture this remarkable moment. 

1 comment:

  1. This is gorgeous! I like the fact that although the clutter, clatter and dreck of man-made things dominates the lower portion, arching overhead is the rest of all creation, immutable and vast beyond our ken.

    Btw, I wasted 3 tries to write this comment here on a mobile device, and blogspot ate each one of them without even a how-do-you-do. There should be a warning! grr