Monday, March 24, 2014

Black Nymphs

I was walking home from the grocery store one day and I happened upon a cluster of bugs. I knelt down to get a closer look and I realized they were the smallest grasshoppers I had ever seen. 

They are the youngest nymph phase of one of Florida's most recognizable insects - the Lubber Grasshopper. Surprisingly, these tiny little guys will grow into one of the largest and most colorful grasshoppers on earth.

As I was kneeling over the bugs trying to take photographs a nearby woman walking into an office building stopped to see if I needed any help. 

"No, that's ok" I called back to her enthusiastically. 
"Oh" she replied with a slight sense of concern in her voice. "I though you had broken one of your grocery bags".
I smiled back at her. "No, I am fine. I'm just looking at bugs"

"Oh" was all she said before walking back into her office looking puzzled. 

I thought they were adorable. 

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