Monday, February 18, 2013

The Tower and The Tree

A while ago I was strolling around downtown Orlando. I happened to look up and take this beautiful shot.


This is the Waverly, one of the high-rise condominiums lining Lake Eola. Covering the trademark turquoise balconies was a giant tree. I thought to myself: The people who live in these condos have a beautiful view of downtown. They can see for miles, able to take in the city, the lake, and the tops of all the trees. How perfectly in place everything must look from that perspective. 

But from where I stand the high-rise is covered by the tree. Only small glimpses of the balconies are visible between the intricate winding of the branches and leaves which command my attention. This city claims to be made of steel and concrete, but from where I stand, I see something completely different. I see Florida running wild. 

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