Sunday, September 2, 2012

Flames of Fall

Not long ago I was at Lake Lily for a reception. It was September, but the Florida weather still pressed the heat of summer upon us. Children were playing while their parents mindfully watched. There was even a mother duck leading her fluffy brood to the best patches of shade.

After a while I made it to my car to find this on my wind shield.

Two yellow leaves of fall separated from their tree but landed together on my car.

Only a few trees change color with the seasons in Florida. This spectacular transition is better illustrated in more northern climates. However, these two leaves are the first to break season.

With only a few speckles of green they ignite with yellow and a touch of red. Even their very shape makes it appear as though they flicker with heat in mid air. Set apart from the rich greens of the woods that hold on tightly to summer.

Fall always felt like freedom to me. I love the way the breeze kisses my cheeks. I can not wait to be reunited again.

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