Monday, June 25, 2012

Insects and Invertebrates

I've been running into some strange creatures lately.

This tiny lime green bug was waiting for me when I got out of work at the top of my car door.

A few days later I found a dead wasp on the hood of my car. 

On my way to the DRIP venue after a rain storm I saw this cluster of large snails next to a hotel walkway. 

I found this lady bug, with wings wide open, face down on the outside of my car window. 

When my sisters were helping me move they had to drive my car while I drove the U-haul. Once we reached our destination I asked my them what was under my windshield. Apparently it was a plastic, glow in the dark cut out of an ant. Neither one of them had any idea how it got there.  

My cat enjoying the view from my bedroom in my new place. The hedge is home to many of Florida's enormous, colorful grasshoppers. 

I was sitting on the patio talking to one of my friends when this giant walked across the screen. A wolf spider the size of my outstretched hand, missing one of her legs and craddling what appeared to be an egg sac. My new roommate Myra was able to capture her and release her safely back into the wild. 

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