Friday, May 11, 2012

Mom's visit to Orlando

My mother's birthday is always close to Mother's Day so she decided to come visit me in Orlando and make an event out of it. I enjoy having her around so we hit the town.

For her birthday dinner I took her to Lake Eola Wine Bar. We had some samples of white wine and split a cheese plate with three fancy cheeses from all over the world. We felt very cosmopolitan as we sat on the patio and enjoyed some people watching. The clouds above were thick and gray but only a light mist of drizzle fell from the sky. The small glistening lights hung throughout the awning pointed the way to the heart of downtown. 

After dinner we took a walk around Lake Eola and got to enjoy seeing the many small baby swans who had recently hatched. The colorful and stormy clouds above the city provided for a beautifully impressionistic reflection over the water. 

The following day we went walking around the Antique District of North Orange Avenue. We found ourselves in Washburn Imports - a store specializing in wooden imports from Asia. I found this serene statue in front of one of the windows toward the back of the store. The bottom half is rough wood and the top half blooms into this intricate carving. The screen behind the statue gives the impression that it is radiating its own life force. 

The outside patio of Washburn Imports. If you look very closely you can see the reflections of my mother and I in the piece of glass behind the chairs. 

An ornately jeweled chandelier handing from the warehouse ceiling. At first I was disappointed that the image came out a bit blurry, but the more I looked at it the more I loved it. The angle and slight blur help ignite some fire and life into a traditionally static object. 

Some large pots on display outside of a garden shop. I love the look of the rich clay against the glossy  sheen of the cobalt blue glaze. 

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