Monday, May 14, 2012

The Birds of Prey Center

The Birds of Prey Center is one of the lesser known gems of the Orlando area. Located on the corner of a residential area, it has a lakeside view and beautiful accommodations for its birds - many of which will become rehabilitated.

This is a Red -Tailed Hawk - one of the largest and most wide spread raptors of North America. Interesting side note: this bird's screech is so iconic that it is used as the go-to sound affect for any bird of prey depicted in television and movies. You may not have realized it, but you have probably heard this bird's call more than other.  

As I was walking around I happened to look down and see this little door tucked away at the base of a tree. 

This Great Horned Owl is part of their out reach program. He injured his wing during a fall from his nest and due to his ease around being with people his is one of the birds at the center who makes regular trips to schools to support awareness. 

Two of Florida's smallest birds of prey - The American Kestrel (in front) and a falcon, poised on their tiny perches watching the rain behind the safety of the screened in patio. 

A couch inside the center decorated with crochet and hand sewn pillows. 

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