Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feet: Part 2

More in my ongoing series of taking offbeat pictures of my feet. It has become an interesting reflection on the places I have been.

This was taken at Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando. I was walking around the pond and I stopped to look over the ledge. I was standing over a drain pipe that had some turtles sunbathing. 

This was taken while I was actually in the pool at my apartment complex. It was my birthday and I was hanging around with my mother and sister. I was in the corner of the pool with my feet on the ledge. It was such a nice, relaxing moment. I remember my sister teasing me when I asked her to hand me my camera while I was almost completely submerged in a body of water. 

This one is a little bit out of the canon but I like it just the same. I was laying on my bed reading and for some reason I ended up looking over my shoulder. I have a mirror attached to the back of my door and at the angle I was laying I had a perfect view of my legs silhouetted against the light from the window. I thought it made for an interesting shot. 

I was making some home made cards one day. I had the paper laid out on the floor while I was cutting it.  I went out of the room to grab something and when I came back my cat was laying all over my work area. 

This photo was taken on Black Friday. Normally, the day after Thanksgiving most people go out shopping. Luckily no one in my family cares to go out that day. However, the weather was particularly nice this year and I took my father and sister for a walk on the beach. It was a fantastic break from the T.V, the sales ads from the newspaper, and the boredom of sitting around the house. I was raised near the beach and I find myself craving the breeze and the smell of the salt water. I felt like we had we the beach all to our selves and we just walked around soaking up the sun. After the beach we went over to a park with a dock overlooking the intercoastal. It has those murky shades of green that color every Florida body of water outside of the ocean. My toes were still sandy from the beach. 

This was taken in our hotel room when we stayed in Atlanta. We teased David about his "rock star" lilac walls. His computer and musical gear are sprawled out across the desk. The light blazes from the lamp and boldly streaks across the wall. 

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