Monday, October 11, 2010

The Road To Cocoa Beach

This weekend my sisters came up to visit me and we decided to watch the sun rise on Cocoa Beach.

This photo was taken at about 6:00am on the way to Cocoa.

My sister Jennifer on the beach.

The sunrise through Jenny's hands. 

The sun coming up through the beams of the boardwalk. 

At some point my sister caught her finger in the car door. I went down to the 7 Eleven to grab her some ice. I was lucky that she didn't notice me taking this picture. I was able to catch her in a simultanious moment of suffering and relief. I love her quiet inner calm amidst her pain.

I love the look of this photo. It reminds me of one of those cool beach photos from the 70's. The sunlight is streaking over her and she looks completely relaxed. 

I was coming out of the beach and I liked the way my shadow looked against the sand. I grabbed my camera and I was able to capture this shot. I absolutely love it. 

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