Monday, March 13, 2017

The Ghost

Your love held me in place. I would tell myself that the weight of it all felt good, as though I had a reason to be part of this.

But the truth is I'm better at moving through walls than I am talking to them. 

My existence may be faint but it is you who are the empty shell. I've given up on sinking ships and abandoned buildings. 

You are going to feel me long after I've gone. Whenever a light flickers, whenever something disappers you swear you just had. The dreams you wake from in a panic. Anytime it's too quiet. 

You are going to feel your mistakes rush in like a storm surge. 

Your lesson comes when you realize your love wasn't a strong enough anchor to hold me down. My lesson was learning to let go. This wreckage belongs to you now. 

Don't worry my dear, you won't be haunted by my presence. You will be haunted by my absence.

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