Sunday, January 29, 2017

To My Lover, My King, and My Exocutioner

One last love letter from Anne Boleyn to King Henry VIII.

Your Majesty,

Do you remember how you loved me so? For I am not able to forget.

Your smile, your laugh, the command of your presence and the gentleness of your touch. I did not fall in love with your status but with your soul as it was laid bare before me.

Your heart was dedicated to me alone. You were steadfast and devoted but I had the misfortune of watching your affections wither away.

Truly, I was feisty. I argued. I was bold and rebellious. I could never let you dominate me. I may not have always been the wife you desired me to be but I was your match in every way. You fell for me because of my strong heart and sharp mind. 

We brought a political and religious storm down upon ourselves because we were so consumed with each other. We defied the pope and redefined our worlds to bring ourselves closer in our orbits until we were able to collide into each others arms.

I sit here wondering when it was that you saw fit to abandon me. 

Our world was made up of sunshine and storms, of bitter fights and ardent reunions. If I was a falcon I would fly swiftly to you and profess my endless devotion. One last embrace I was ruthlessly denied. 

Was your desire to maintain control so strong that you would so willingly destroy a union that we worked so hard to create? Were you so righteous in your determination that you would deny me the satisfaction of remaining in your good graces? You felt betrayed by things that never happened and condemned me for crimes I did not commit.

You sentenced me to death but in so doing you fail to see that you have likewise sentenced yourself to a life time of sorrow and regret. My heart breaks at the truth that you may always get your way but you will seldom get what you want.

You said to me once that 'if I remember you in my prayers as strongly as you adore me than you shall scarcely be forgotten'. My love, I shall uphold my promise and keep you in my heart and prayers. You will never be forgotten.

I only desired for you to adore me with the same reverence.

Your Lover, your Queen, and your ever faithful Wife,

Anne Boleyn

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