Monday, May 30, 2016


Cleopatra's final words to Mark Antony as he lay dying in her arms.

I survived so much already. The things I've had to do just to be here.
I could have walked to the moon and back on a road I paved myself.
If only I could have done it alone. But I needed you.
I loved you.

We already had everything. We just had to keep fighting.
It was only the Roman Empire.
We could have taken it all. Why did you let go?

I know who I am and where I can from. I will not let them forget.

The Queen of Egypt;
I've been called cold and callous.
I've been called so much worse.
Oh, the desperate taunts of the weak.
They think their voices are going to haunt me but they don't.

I am only haunted by my efforts, by how much time I wasted.
That look in your eyes when you couldn't see the way out.
My mistake was putting my future in your hands.

I fought like all the powers of hell and loved twice as hard.
My life knows precious little peace.
I have nothing left to be afraid of.
I've always had venom in my blood.

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