Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"A Different Painting Every Night"

I remember years ago when I was a child my mother use to take us kids to the Madeira Beach area for soccer practices or ballet recitals. It felt like between me and my three younger siblings we were always there or one reason or another. Often times while we were waiting we would get ice cream and watch the sun set. 

One time, almost out of the blue, she said that each night the sky was painted by a different angel and that was why the sunset never looked the same twice. You got to see a different painting every night and you should always appreciate its beauty because it would never repeat. 

It was one of those little things said in passing but it stuck with me. Maybe it was because I loved art so much or maybe it was the first time I realized just how quickly a beautiful moment can disappear. 

To this day I can't look at a sunset with it reminding me of a living work of art. 

This photo was taken overlooking the Orlando Executive Airport. 

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