Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bad Day Beautiful

I have often said that a best friend could turn a bad day beautiful. Never was that more true than when my best friend came to help me after one of my tires exploded on the highway.

I was on my way to Tampa to visit him for his going away party. He was going to be moving to New Orleans. I was supposed to get there early to hang out before the party, but as luck would have it one of my tires blew and I had to pull over on an exit ramp. 

Not only did Matt come and wait with me until the tow truck arrived, he also help make wonderful memories out of what could have easily been a bad day.

When we got to the tire shop he proudly showed off his shoes with the soles falling off. We decided to take this delightful train wreck across the street to Checkers while we waited for my car to get fixed.

It had been years since I ate at a Checkers and I swear to God I think we just ordered fries and ice cream. 

I took this photograph at the cafe in Ybor where Matt had his going away party. He was lost in his thoughts and I love the way it came out. 

Saying our goodbyes after the party. He turned a bad day into a beautiful one.

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