Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Miami marked my second business trip with DRIP. We booked a private performance and I was excited because even though I am born and raised in Florida this was my first visit to Miami. 

Dimitri doing some last minute repairs before packing the van. 

As we headed into Miami I was astonished by the tangled mass of concrete highways. I had never seen so many overlapping layers of traffic. 

A view of the sprawling city skyline. 

Angel looking at Miami through the rain splattered window of the van. 

I spotted this lovely insect by the pool of our hotel. I was never able to figure out what kind of bug it was but I was amazed by its shiny, iridescent abdomen with a flash of red at the tip. 

Our lovely dancers playing on the beach. 

Dimitri applying some sunscreen. 

A peachy sunset on the way home back to Orlando.

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