Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wearing The Work

In working with DRIP I find myself always covered in paint. Although a few people are afraid of getting messy I find it leaves beautiful marks. 

I took this photo of myself after a show were I got pelted with paint. The pale blue river ran all the way from my neck to the middle of my torso, melting away the DRIP logo I had stamped myself with along the way. 

Then I noticed my hand, splashed with blue and flecks of red. Dappled like some kind of surrealist Appaloosa. It soaked into the rims of my fingernails and collected in the ridges of the ring I had gotten from the antique shop.

I have never been concerned with my hands being smooth or perfect. After all these years of making art I've grown more accustomed to seeing them covered in material or scrapped up. That suits me just fine. I'd rather my hands be used to make something beautiful than simply look beautiful. I have always been comfortable wearing my work.

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