Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Sea Bird Sanctuary

On a recent trip to Indian Shores I was able to go to The Sea Bird Sanctuary. It is a rescue center for injured birds. It is unique in that it is a mostly outdoor facility that is home to hundreds of recovering birds. In addition to the captive animals the sanctuary also attracts a great deal of wild birds who seem to be visiting loved ones.

All the elements mix together for a lively experience. The birds seem unaffected by the human traffic and their chatter fills the air. I had been many times before with my family and it is a place I always enjoy visiting when I go home.

A Brown Pelican. 

I caught this little guy looking straight up at me through the mesh fence. 

This is a large Black Vulture - one of the wild birds that roams freely through the sanctuary. He was playing with the leaf in the middle of the path until I began to walk towards him. He abandoned the leaf in favor of inspecting me. 

This is a close up shot of a White Pelican. I love how the streaming sunlight illuminated the interior structure of her pouch. 

Another close up of the White Pelican. I wanted to focus on her pale blue eyes. I can't help but think about how closely she may resemble a pterodactyl. 

A very proud Red-Shouldered Hawk. 

This beauty is a Red-Tailed Hawk and she seemed quite happy to pose for me. 

Such striking features. It was very inspiring to be so close to such a powerful bird.

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