Friday, July 15, 2011


A while back I was hanging out with my friend Tyson and I happened to snap a photograph of him when he wasn't looking. Months later that photo would become the starting point for my most complex wood block print to date.

The reason that I loved this photo so much was because it captured Tyson in a rare state. Normally, Tyson is a just a pure force of chaotic energy. The air around him feels the way static sounds on a T.V. or radio. His mind and his body nervously jump from one stimulus to the next. But on his patio he is completely different. He sits still, his eyes focus into the distance, and if you listen carefully you can hear him exhale as he thinks about something he's not ready to talk about. He adjusts his weight, comfortable in this moment of quiet calm. 

Months later I came across the photo and decided to make it into a wood block print. 

Even though this piece is small it is very complex. Each color was carved on a separate board of wood, all the paint colors had to be mixed by hand, and each board had to be run through the press individually.  Each piece of paper had to be run through the press six times with the wood blocks in a particular order so the colors would layer properly forming the desired image. 

Although I love the photograph of Tyson I think the print represents him better. All the elements hold together loosely to create an image that is relaxed but holds enormous kinetic potential. 


  1. Thank you! I LOVE IT!

  2. Wow, being a nardist isn't all fun 'n gathering the accolades of the adoring masses, huh? That looked hard!